The recipient gets a standard voicemail notification and then listens to exactly what you have to say. A voicemail demands attention whereas social media and email is only a request for attention.


Use your voice to connect instantly with online customers by automatically sending a voicemail after your online form has been filled in.



Improve sales processes and increase efficiency. Record one voice message and send it from 1 to 1 million people at the click of a button.


With our reporting you can see exactly who received the voicemail. And with our value added services we can offer a full data analytics platform.




Call your phone to record your message or upload a recording

Upload your list of contacts

Set your return number (caller ID)

Create your send out – either to send when you want or schedule it for a future date and time

Send your message to thousands of people



Voicemail broadcast lets you record or upload a voice recording then send it to thousands of people at the click of a button. More personal than SMS, email and social media. Less intrusive than telemarketing, cold calling or robo-dialling.



Have us professionally write a voicemail script that sells! We can then get it professionally recorded for you and even add some exciting background music.


Need a specific demographic or target market to send your voicemails to? We can offer leads that allow you to target your potential customers.



Are you short of time? Have us manage every aspect of your voicemail broadcast from script writing to professional recording and send out.


Integrate straight2voicemail with your favourite customer relationship management software (CRM) or directly into online forms using our standards based API. Please contact us now to get a copy of our API documentation and a practice account to start automating your voicemails today.

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Real Estate

Use straight2voicemail broadcast to chase up overdue rent, follow up customers and potential leads. Keep in touch in a personal manner, whilst spending your precious time on other activities.

Customer Follow Up

Send personalised message reminders to important clients. Follow up on a large group of clients with one click of a button.

Increase Brand Awareness

Use straight2voicemail broadcast to personally send a voicemail about your company to all your customers at the click of a button.


Streamline Lengthy Uncomfortable Conversations

Send a personalised voicemail to a group of job applicants that were unfortunately not suitable for the role and thank them for their time without wasting your own.

Market Your Business

Use straight2voicemail broadcast to reach thousands of people in a personal manner at the click of a button.

Election Campaign

Get your important information directly to your voters, send personalised voice messages from the candidate to thousands of voters at the click of a button.

Pre-Pay 100

Time Saver


All pricing is in AUD incl. G.S.T
Includes 100 voicemail credits. A credit is only charged if the voicemail is successfully placed.

Pre-Pay 1000

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businesses of all size.


All pricing is in AUD incl. G.S.T
Includes 1000 voicemails credits. A credit is only charged if the voicemail is successfully placed.


What is straight2voicemail?

A service that allows you to place a message directly in a group of people's voicemail inbox without their phone ringing.

How do I upload numbers?

From within the portal either copy and paste comma separated numbers directly into the portal or upload a csv or xls file.

Will the recipient's phone ring?

Usually no but very occasionally the recipient may get an abbreviated half ring however the message will still go directly to the recipient's voicemail.

Does it matter what carrier the recipient is on?

No it doesn’t as long as it is an Australian mobile number.

What happens once I sign up?

You are emailed your secure portal login details for the broadcast service and can start sending voicemails.

Can I schedule my voicemail send out?

Yes, you can schedule your send out for a future time and date.

Are their any additional charges for the broadcast service?

We do not charge any extra, all call charges are included in your plan.

Can I leave a voicemail messages on a land line?

No, this service only works to connect to the voicemail of mobile users.

How do I record my message?

From within the portal either upload a wav or mp3 file or call your phone and follow the voice promtps.

Can I repeat my voicemail send out?

Yes, you can easily repeat your send out on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

Voicemail usually lets you redial the person that left the message, what happens in this case?

A caller ID is set so the recipient can call you back from within the voicemail. It is also recommended to leave your return number.


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We are a specialised marketing solution bridging the gap between digital media and personalised conversation.

We offer an innovative way to connect with your clients by placing a message you record directly in thousands of your client’s voicemail inbox without their mobile ringing.

With voicemail listen rates at over 95% and no charges if a message doesn’t get through, straight2voicemail should be the next step in your marketing campaign.